Like so many others drawn to Bowenwork I too experienced a condition requiring something "out of the box" or at least not down the beaten path of allopathic medicine.  In 1999 I was injured on the job (police officer)with a severely dislocated knee during an arrest gone bad.  After being guided by the Workman's Compensation doctors for a year, I showed little improvement and would either have to leave on a medical disability or find another way to heal that knee.  My  martial arts instructor sent me to Raymond Augustnyiak in Sacramento, CA and I started something that proved to be life changing!  After just a few sessions the knee was at about 90% and other issues had also surfaced and healed themselves.  

     As luck would have it I learned that Raymond was an instructor for BTAA.  In November 2003 I graduated from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Sacramento).  In 1996 I had also began a journey in martial arts as a job-skill enhancement but it became so much more.  My  Grandmaster required knowledge in healing at the higher belt rank levels.  Until then I had not ever experienced body work or energy healing.  The quest for knowledge began!   Although I continue to study various methods of healing facilitation  I always enjoy seeing how the new learned modalities serve to explain further why Bowen WORKS!  

     In the summer of 2004 my Bowen Instructor nominated me to the U.S. Olympic Medical Team where I had the honor and thrill of providing SportBo wen at the U.S. 2004 Track and Field Trials at CSU, Sacramento.  As a full-time Peace Officer for over 22 years, it became obvious that with a growing Bowen practice something would have to give.  In Sept. 2005 I decided to retire from the police department a few years early and give full attention to Bowenwork and martial arts.  In 2005 I was promoted to 2nd Dan in Kuk Sul Do, after 10 years of training and a few years of teaching.   In addition I served as Defensive Tactics Instructor  to veteran officers at the local police academy.

     I've been actively involved in supporting the community through fund raisers and can often be seen in action under a tent during athletic events in town. As an avid member (President 2010 of Chico Founder's Chapter) of Business Networking International, she enthusiastically believes in their motto, "Givers Gain!"    Click here for my favorite testimonial!

     In February 2011 my husband and I relocated to Florida and licensing requirements brought more education and training.  In January 2012 I graduated from Florida Career School of Massage and Bodywork's 502 hour course.   The Light Wave Center served  Floridians and vacationers alike at the Trafalgar Village Resort until January 2013. 

    After 2 wild Florida years, my homesick husband ("you expect me to grow a garden in sand?"), convinced me to move back to Chico.  I resumed my busy practice March 1st 2013! What a party!! I'm back in BNI with Chico Business Builders and enjoying the networking. 

 "It's not about how much you know, 
rather that you know how to apply what you know. " 
Laura Denney CMT, RBT, FMT


I am so grateful to Mr. Tom Bowen for his gift to the world, and to Ossie and Elaine Rentsch and others for bringing the work out beyond Australia.  My unending gratitude also goes to the hundreds of clients over the years who are the true teachers of any technique and the only true healers!  My instructors have been wonderful over the years and I look forward to many more years of healing facilitation with the magic of Bowenwork and inclusion of more tools with other techniques. 

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1983..23rd birthday first year on the job.
From graduation to the early years, family and more family...(7 kids total), martial arts 8 hours a week for 12 years, misc jobs held in police work, and finally..."retirement" to full time healing therapist.  From 2003 until 2005 I worked full time and ran a healing clinic on "the side".  NO DAY OF
The ultimate transformation...from police officer to martial artist/instructor, to healing facilitator!  What next??