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Founder of Modern Convergent Therapies, Laura Denney has lived in Chico 33 years and has enjoyed providing wellness therapies for over 13 years. Between 1982 and 2005 she was a career police officer and trainer,(Arrest/Control and First Responder/CPR/AED), with 22 years of duty before retiring to working full time in her clinic. Prior to police work, Laura trained as an EMT 1-A and worked for Paradise Ambulance, Tehama County Ambulance and a short stint at the Santa Ynez Hospital. During all of this time she trained in and taught martial arts, reaching 2nd Degree black belt in KukSulDo, and raised a large family. With all of the children finally out of the nest she and her husband Patrick are nestled on a small farm in the middle of town with goats, chickens, kitties, a dog and a huge garden. 

Working in public service for the last 35 years, seeing people in a myriad of life changing events and behaviors certainly influenced her desire to continue to serve, but in a way that brings about a healthier outcome and far more desirable results.  Her belief is that no one escapes occasional pain, whether it's physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic or spiritual,  and every person has some form of addiction. We are, after all, having a human experience. 

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