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Shhhh....shift happening here....
Bowenwork brings about the very deepest relaxation necessary to reset your healing mechanisms. This noninvasive new Australian work is sweeping the world, facilitating incredible healing. 

"Before my work with Laura I was having 30 migraines a month and was so dizzy I could barely stand up straight. My doctors didn't have an answer. My chronic pain kept me from enjoying being alive."
Patricia V.
Chico, CA

"My frozen neck turned out to not be frozen after all. In the first session I nearly had a full range of motion back. She barely touched me. My doctor was very surprised when I showed him my new neck."                                                                                                    Robbin W.
                                               Chico, CA 

"I was suffering from an intense case of shingles on my forehead and a headache for which medications were not working. I went in to see Laura and between Bowenwork and oils she used, I was ready for a vacation the next morning and headache free!"

Martha M
Chico, CA

Modern Convergent Therapies
"Experience and training; merging toward a common point. Modern, convergent and specific to you!"

Robbin sent me this photo to prove that she could indeed, look up again!! Robbin is one of those clients who knows the value of maintenance to stay in great health!